Et Moi

Commissioned by Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival in 2017, Et Moi is a two-hander clown show featuring two of the most lovable clowns working in the cabaret and burlesque circuit: Kiki Lovechild and Pi The Mime. The show was a hit with a full theatre and a standing ovation. 


Have you ever dreamt of running away with the circus? The lights. The crowds.The excitement. But imagine if the circus had run away from you. Meet Kiki Lovechild, now the loneliest clown on the planet. No home. No family. Nothing to belong to... 

Enter Pi. Witness the joy of two clowns rediscovering their place in a world turned upside down. 

Created and performed by two of the most celebrated clowns on the UK variety circuit, this show combines circus, music, magic, mime and more. Amidst the turmoil of life, these two clowns discover the secret to true happiness. Come along and you will too.